Since I had remembered I always dreamed about my own pet, but there was no proper time to realize my dreams. At the moment I have a little sweet boy, who also wanted to have a dog. But my husband didn't want to have just a dog, he always wanted to have a Great Dane, such as one of his fauvorite story hero - "Pan Samochodzik".

At the beginning I was terrified, because I never planned to have such a big creature, which was much more similar to a horse than to a dog. But I had so great desire to have a dog that I couldn't stop thinking about it. I started to read articles and books about Danes, searched web sites and lots of pictures. I phoned numerous persons. Most of them were very kind and understanding, but one day my call reached mysterious Mrs. Agnieszka. I was impressed the way she was talking about the Danes, but also she suggested to see such a dog, the best adult one, in real. So we arranged a meeting during the Dog Show in Opole...

First picture I saw on the show was a woman sitting on a blanket under an umbrella with two elegant female Great Danes: Aszra and "little" Czarina. In that time all my doubts have gone. They were beautiful, noble, and so trustful, that my little son, looking straight into Czarina's eyes and having her wet kisses, started to cry... he wanted to take one of the dogs home immediately.

And so ............ the blue boy named DI MAGGIO Modry Efekt appeared in our life.
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