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Not long ago the little blue present from our Italian friends Ksenija and Patrizio – Ambrosini della Baia Azzurra – settled with us. Thank you very much darlings!!!


National Show in Nowa Ruda
Judge: Anna Chlebek (Pl)

The "2009 Show Season" Munio finished receiving in champion class 1st excellent, CAC, BOS and Best of Breed title!!! Zambrotta in intermediate class had to contented himself with 2nd excellent note.


Little Munios have already been after the breed check up, tomorrow they are going to their new homes!!!


Zambrotta is one year old. He grew out of a little bear into a huge dog. Actually he is still growing. Now he is 94 cm high and we hope he will not grow any more (at least upward). His behaviour is different from T'amo's. Mamrot is a calm, distinguished, very self-controlled, stable and devoted dog. He is the boss of our dogs herd. He loyally follows every my step, and always when I turn out he sits just behind me. Mamrot, I love you the most in the world, for you are like you are!!!


International Show in Leszno
Judge: Miklos Levente (Hu)

This is the first time when T`Amo got very good 4th. We do not care about it at all because we know the value of our dog who showed several times his class. What we want to point is that the note was decreased because of "cut ears".


T'Amo has his first birthday today. Now he is older, but he behaves as he is still a puppy. Munio is 88 cm high and he is a very watchful and world curious dog. Just uncouth and untamed Muń.


International Show in Opole
Judge: Piotr Szemraj (Pl)

This time it was our youngest boy - Zambrotta who went on the show - his first show in Poland. He got excellent 4th, but we are very happy that he did not run away from the ring looking for his "mummy", because we were afraid very much about this.


International Show in Katowice
Judge: Horst Kliebenstein (D)

It was the last show we needed for T'Amo to become the Polish Junior Champion, so called "big certificate". Munio got excellent 1st and Junior Winner. This time he did not received Junior BOB, but the notes he received so far were enough to become the Polish Junior Champion!! We are also impressed that he, as the only male in his class, got an excellent note.

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