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New photos of our boys !



EuDDC Show in Vilnius

Milan Stourac (Cz) – blue
Margrit Völzer (Lux) – black

Ambrosini – Junior Class – III exc. Zambrotta – Open Class – III very good


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First photos of puppies:


National Show in Bytom
Judge: Marcin Sudoł (Pl)

Strange exhibition, strange judge.
Ambrosini – 1st excellent, Junior Winner, Best Junior of Breed and BOB.
Zambrotta – 2nd very good (vertical neck).


International Show in Bratislava (Slovakia) – Central-East European Winner Dog Show
Judge: Tibor Havelka (Sk)

It was Ambrosini’s day. In junior class he received - 1st excellent, CAJC and the title Central-East European Junior Winner and this way he has fulfilled the requirements for the title Junior Slovakian Champion!!! But this wasn’t the end of excitement. During the comparison he defeated adults dogs and won the Best of Breed title, and afterwards on final competitions our 12 months old Brosiek gained 3rd place during the selection of the most beautiful dog of II FCI group.

AMBROSINI della Baia Azzurra

Zambrotta in intermediate class got 1st very good.


International Show in Bratislava (Slovakia)
Judge: Jan Gajewski (Pl)

First day of two days show – half succeeded.
Ambrosini in junior class - 1st excellent and CAJC.
Zambrotta in intermediate class – 1st excellent.


In Frankidogi Kennel 8 puppies out of Zambrotta were born:


In may next puppies after our Zambrotta !!

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Puppies after our Zambrotta !!!

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Few days later:

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International Show in Katowice
Judge: András Korózs (H)

It was our most difficult, until this time, show undertaking – the trip with three dogs. For the beginning Ambrosini in junior class got another time Junior Winner and finally the title of Best Junior of Breed. Afterwards it was only … worse.

Zambrotta in open class in the group of 7 dogs – 2nd excellent,
T'Amo in champion class in the group of 4 dogs – 3rd excellent.

Generally speaking the result not so bad, just like the result of Justyna Kowalczyk during the Olympic Games in Vancouver.


International Show in Graz (Austria)
Judge: András Korózs (H)

I am the happiest person today, my beloved Zambrotta, presented in intermediate class, received his first CACIB and began the way to become the International Champion. His victory enjoys us much more as he was presented among great dogs originated from leading kennels. Our little Ambrosini on his second show in life, presented in junior class, got 1st excellent and Junior Winner, unfortunately Austria is another country where the title of Best Junior is not awarded.


International Show in Prešov (Slovakia) – East Cup
Judge: Giulio Bezzecchi (I)

t was our blue baby’s first show and in his first show steps – such a success. Ambrosini in junior class received 1st excellent and the title Junior East Winner!!! We are very proud of him. On that show T'Amo was also presented and in champion class he got 3rd excellent.


It was Blue’s 3th birthday today.
We are very happy, that you have been still with us facing all the adversities.


National Show in Głogów
Judge: Viva Maria Soleckyj-Szpunar (Pl)

It was a year ago, when T’Amo, exactly in Głogów, began his way to become the Polish Junior Champion. And Głogów is the town, where he, presented in champion class, has fulfilled the requirements for the title Polish Champion!!!


Winter walk:

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